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Commented: About edicous's answer

Is there any sense in that gibberish? If so I couldn't see it. You might take a refresher course in writing.

Commented: About Stanley Pembroke's answer

There was no question about Kennedy. He was one reckless and irresponsible SOB. That makes ALL Democrats equally ignorant, reckless, and immature. No wonder they never grow up and that explains why ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

I couldn't make heads or tails of Edicous' rant. Only a leftist could be that bitter and post off topic. No wonder people have started disregarding leftists completely.

Commented: About Mike Weaver's answer

That is the truth. A gal with a great set of 38's needs a .45 to protect them.

Commented: About Mike Weaver's answer

You have a point, Mike Weaver. There are some very smart people here and one or two leftist sickos.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

That must be RocMike3 posting anonymously. Talk about a bolt loose in the transfer case.

Commented: About RocMike3's answer

You, my man, have a screw loose. Only a leftist could be as inconsistent and bitter as you are.

Answered: Is it time to change our Gun Control regulations?

Leftists are hateful to say the best of them. That is why they always lie, play games, and try to get people to hate whoever they hate but that is why leftists have no friends at all and when they ...

Answered: Democrats lie about Romney. So, what are the ...

It looks like the more Democrats speak, the more lies they tell. They can't conceal that forever. So far we have busted Obama in lie after lie and the only thing the Democrats still have is hate ...

Commented: About Mike Weaver's answer

I never did get into poetry but you make sense Mike. Democrats have lied to us so many times and about so many things we just can't affort to trust them anymore.



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