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Answered: Inspector General’s ‘Fast And Furious’ Report ...

Obama is guilty of treason. Fast and Furious is only one of Obama's criminal betrayals. Democrats are all criminal bigots of course so they cover for fools on their side but Obama is still a traitor ...

Answered: Does Obama deserve a second term?

The only one of the Presidential hopefuls who is worthy of your vote is Romney. Your conscience and your nation demands that you vote Romney.

Answered: Will President Obama win RE-ELECTION?

So far, Obama has proved repeatedly that the only people who support him are idiots. That alone is good cause to oppose the Democrats -- because they are idiots!

Commented: About Hugo Flaxman Kumar's answer (This answer is not available)

Why are you hateful and bitter enough to tell that sort of obvious lie? Is it because you are a leftist, or a criminal? Oh, I'm sorry. There is no difference between the two.

Commented: About Harry's answer

Democrats are so desperate that they are hiring ex cons to paste obama stickers on parked cars for a dollar apiece. Then people see their cars have been defaced with that propaganda and scrape them ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Bitter people will always buy leftist propaganda but face it, leftist propaganda is only for idiots to believe. No one else does, because smart people all vote Republican.

Commented: About Chaplain John's answer

It looks like Chaplain John was right and Melvin was wrong.

Commented: About Mike Dudley's answer

Christ asked us to be faithful to God and decent to each other. That gets in the way of crime bosses, atheists, and leftists, but leftists are in it for easy money and that is all. They ever did get ...

Answered: Do you believe in the concept of "God Bless ...

The only ones who ever screamed "God Damn America!" are Democrats. It is an entrance requirement. You can't be a Democrat without either screaming filth with Obama and Wrght or burning a cross ...

Commented: About Stanley Pembroke's answer

Mike Dudley, if Democrats weren't losing this race by such a huge margin they would never have to lie to keep their bigots ignorant and bitter. Only racists vote Democrat, and that is why they ...



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