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We learn from history that we learn nothing from history: those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
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Racked-up and now retired archaeologist.  Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D., Mesoamerican and Middle-Eastern Archaeology, 1976.  Dissertation: "Why I hate grave robbers."

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Commented: About edicous's answer

Southern, I wouldn't put ANYTHING past atheists: they are utterly immoral.

Commented: About LadyE's answer

It is NOT the right of atheists to run Gulags to force atheism on us all as a state required cult of violent hate. Atheism has always been a cult of ignorant barbarians. It cannot possibly improve ...

Commented: About Dave Palmer's answer

Waiting for an atheist to hold you at gunpoint and put your children in a Gulag is a very real threat because atheists are barbarians.

Commented: About Jim the atheist's answer

To deny the truth is irrational and dogmatic, hence argument by atheist cult authority. Atheism exists on that surly dogma, hence it is a cult for idiots and bigots but rational persons have no use ...

Commented: About LadyE's answer

Lady E, when you see an obvious contradiction in terms, suspect a hidden agenda. In the case of atheists, that agenda is organized crime.

Commented: About J H's answer

Cogito ergo fidelis: "I think, therefore, I have faith." Faithless persons cannot think rationally, therefore they only start wars. Your man Hitler stands as a sterling example of what atheists ...

Commented: About LadyE's answer

We can only look forward to peace on earth when atheists cease starting wars.

Commented: About Stanley Pembroke's answer

I would not doubt that Physicalist has been possessed. Any spirit with his sort of over-powering anger and sheer subhuman animal rage is utterly irrational. The thing is, Physicalist invited ...

Commented: About Stanley Pembroke's answer

Spirit nameMeaning of nameAbbreviated explanation of effects Hittites Sons of terror Subliminal torments, phobias, terror, depression, deceit Girgashites Clay dwellers Focus on earthliness ...

Answered: Girgashites....

The Girgashites were a thoroughly corrupt people living in Canaan whose immense wealth came from prostitution, drugs, and gambling. The city Girga was somewhat the same as Las Vegas today. Girga ...