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Answered: Has your opinion of Groupon changed?

"Many viewers didn’t take well to the image of an infant smashing into a window, and the company was overwhelmed with complaints." Daily Deals

Answered: Do you use Groupon?

No, here's why? 1. Most discount marketing companies require your deal be at least 50% off your regular price. 2. You have to pay the discount marketing company (Groupon, BuyWithMe, etc ...

Answered: Groupons how to roll a groupon

Save your money and offer your own Groupon-style deal with the help of your existing customers. Who knows best who the next best customer (prospect) is for your business? It's your current customers ...

Answered: What happened to the Irish economy?

Ireland went from getting about 5% of its national income from house building in the 1990s – the usual level for a developed economy – to 15% at the peak of the boom in 2006–2007, with another 6 ...

Answered: How bad is the world's economy?

According to the latest world bank study,the US economy would go bad so that China would be able to surpass us in 5 years, not in 2030 as expected. The dollar would loose the world status totally ...

Answered: Economy

No one can tell lets hope its getting better... Group buying

Answered: How to set up a network server?

Locate a gigabit networking switch (a router or hub will also work) in a central location. Remember that each computer will need a network line ran to this location, so make sure that it is ...


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