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Asked: Locksmiths

Are there any Locksmiths out there? experienced locksmiths only.

Asked: Any TV Doctors out there?

I was with my father yesterday, He is diabetic, and I noticed on his legs above the ankle the skin was brown spots like rust color it goes up almost six inches. I asked him about it and he said "poor ...

Asked: Vector Cutting

What is Vector cutting?

Asked: The right person won last night on AGT didnt ...

The right person won last night on AGT didnt they?

Asked: Stars

What is the star I see in the morning looking east?

Asked: Kidnapped

On the news this morning a little girl kidnapped 18 years ago when she was 11 yo was found alive with the people she was with..What should we do with these people?

Asked: Disability

In California..How can a person find out how much money they will get paid for Disability? Is it figured on how much you were paid in salary? Can you draw disability and unemployment at the same ...

Asked: Over heating Auto

I am looking for a "misting unit" that sprays water in a fine mist into the radiator to cool the engine. I tried google but no luck. A friend gave me a name of a compant called "Calif Cruising ...

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"Thank you for many stmulating and informative answers. It is always encouraging to see wisdom written fitly. "
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"Hey thanks elden your answers ate always good and fun to read!"
Lordoftheringsfanatic says:
"Elden your answers are always very interesting and give out good advice so...Thanks!!"
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"'re crackin' me up. I was reading some of the answers to other people's questions and I found them entertaining to say the least. You appear to have a wide scope of interests. Thanks for answering my question on Service Dogs."
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"Thank you Elden, you are right on with your answer to my question...Most people think if they acknowledge God that they will have to give up too much but in reality He gives them so much more, Praise the Lord !!!"
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"thanks for the advise you gave me on my made me feel better about the decisions that i have been making. you gave me some really great advise and thanks again!"