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Answered: Where to buy trapped hogs

Well Garrett, it will depend on where you are. These guys that hunt them advertise in their area for places to hunt on, get in touch with them same as property owners do. Google for your area, also ...

Answered: Erie County PA cottages for sale

Google this and find Real Estate co that have listings. You might need to fill out some info but iy will get you a look at what they have. There are others but not everybody puts them on line, once ...

Answered: Trying to find wood dutch lap siding in south ...

I know there are places that sell old and used building materials there, from doors to bathtubs and that includes siding and beam timbers.

Answered: Easiest way to record my world travels on paper. I ...

You can get a small digital tape recorder that you can use and transcribe later, and if you have a loose leaf journal you could add pages and keep current.

Answered: Food storage

Used for clothes because it keeps moths out, moths aren't a problem for food.

Answered: Anyone know anything about an artist named Wowie ...

Wowie Cruz | Facebook You +1'd this publicly. Undo Join Facebook to connect with Wowie Cruz and others you may know. ... Mark Tajiri, Lola Basyang (real ...

Answered: Are permits needed for a neighboring fence in the ...

They want permits now for everything, it means money to the City. Just call to be sure but I say YES.

Answered: Is labasin or la basin an Italian word?

On google I found an Italian Dictionary and Italian Translator, these are free and there are other languages also.

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