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Commented: About Andy Ritch's answer

thankyou you are probably right regard to gesso re- cheap canvas & not enough coverage although i realy only paint with straight oil paint ,no turps or other medium . One more question does ...

Asked: Hello , I am in need of a oil pastel painter ...

hello , I am in need of a oil pastel painter to suggest the best fixative ,I have searched the i/net endlessly only to be more confused than ever .There are so many conflicting answers .AS i ...

Asked: please help

Hello please I need a answer from a experienced oil painter .I started oil painting on canvas 2 yrs ago prior only used board.I can only afford the cheaper grade canvas due to funds ...

Commented: About lavlav's answer

Thankyou I checked out the website as well . cheers

Commented: About Skitch's answer

HOW right you are .cheaters are feeling neglected&have a very low esteem. cheers

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

I totally agree most people are emotional sensitive & believe its all about love ,Sadly it is NOT .I believe it is 80% sex compatible related that keeps everyone happy ...

Asked: Lady in white

please help me understand why tight surgical stockings help with circulation? IT has been 8 yrs since my Spinal surgery recently suffer greatly with swollen feet,legs.My vanity was overridden due to ...

Answered: ADULTERY ("Cheating") -- CAN IT EVER BE JUSTIFIED?

Hi Rob ABOUT CHEATERS I am still so totally against cheaters , but have more compassion & actually feel sorry for them. Hit on from a young age by the so called happy married men ...

Answered: Desperate

,thankyou for your advice Martin. So much better now!Cheers Mara

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Rob says:
"Maraya, I know you are just learning YEDDA and I want to encourage you to KEEP USING IT . You are a nice person and we are glad to have you newly "aboard". Best wishes. ROB"