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Answered: Ant infestation in my apartment

clean the house, make sure foods are other sweet things are well cover and hidden on place where it can't be smell by insects. Cleanliness is the key...

Answered: What to do if someone steals from your apartment

I'll report it to the police and ask to investigate it.

Answered: 10 month lease apartments in college station

what's the question?where exactly in College?

Answered: Why is America falling apart?

America is one of the strongest country in the whole world, it's not that easy to fall apart... it just require a good leader and discipline governance.

Answered: Wish to enquire for apartments for sale in ...

try to look in tripod or some directories that has list of hotels/apartments in Malaysia. Don't know much of a site.

Answered: Hotel discounts

look for hotel that gives promo or package deals, you might get some discount with that.

Answered: Hotels in Pilawa, Poland are there any hotels in ...

I think this have been ask before, try to look for Euromotel...

Answered: Luxurious hotel in nepal

I haven't been there but I heard good things about them. Try to look for some reviews of their customers.

Answered: Reservation hotel in nepal

yes, Hotel Manaslu offer good services, I heard they are one of the best Hotel there. I just head it in some online community.

Answered: Hotels in Pilawa, Poland, are there any hotels???

I suggest euromotel, my cousin have been there and they have a good time staying there people are friendly too.



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