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I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.
About BethH:

I just officially became licensed as an esthetician. I work at a local salon as a hair colorist and stylist and make-up artist.

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Answered: Whitehorse tavern

Hi Trice. You might check out to find reviews about the type of food and crowd that hangs out at the White Horse Tavern.

Answered: How to get copies of subpoenas?

Contact the Court directly to get copies of the subpoenas.

Asked: Eating downfalls

I'm working on losing weight and increasing my exercise during the week. My biggest downfall is eating. I find myself giving in to cravings almost all the time. Any ideas on how to avoid my eatings ...

Answered: Where to buy entertainment books in nj?

I'm pretty sure most AAA locations carry the book. You might try your local location.

Answered: What to put on yorkie irritating skin?

Talk to your vet as most dogs will lick off anything you put on the irritated skin. Good luck and I hope your dog gets better soon!

Answered: Can u get a used car from a dealer if u filed ...

It is highly unlikely that a used car dealership will allow this.

Answered: Ethiopian food Riverside County CA or better yet ...

I'm not from your area so I'm not sure. You might try checking the reviews on Good luck!

Answered: Your favorite cuisine

I love Israeli food. It really piques my taste buds.

Answered: There is a new restaurant on hiway 64 w. in tyler ...

Becky, you might try checking or to search for the name of the new restaurant.