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Answered: P=3.5-y what is the value of P when x=-9 and y=-6 ...

P = 3.5-y (the value of X is imaterial [has no role here !]). P = 3.5 -(-6) P = 3.5 + 6 P= +9.5

Answered: How can I add more time to my day?

The 5 main reasons you need more time are: 1. You have too many duties. Reduce it to minimum ! 2. You are not efficient. Improve yourself. 3. You don't know to manage properly your time ...

Answered: What does mi how mean in chinese?

I guess you mean "Ni" (not Mi). Ni how = hello.

Answered: Which cities of China are more worth a visit ...

To my opinion Shanghai (and the cities around) is the most recommended city to visit. The whole area is amazing !

Answered: Why would my husband just stop loving me after ...

I really don't want to hurt you but I have a hunch that he is in love with someone else. If I were you I would send a "private eye" to check it. Sorry, darling, I didn't mean to add salt on your ...

Answered: What is the value of 9063 divided by 9?

9,063 : 9 = 1,007 The easiest way to get to the answear (even in your head) is: split 9,063 to 9,000 and 63. 9,000 : 9 = 1,000 and 63 : 9 = 7

Answered: How much is a motorcyle

New ? 2nd hand ? Size ? Brand ? Without knowing what you want specifically ANY price might be good (ranging between 200$ and 40,000$..... and for "tailor made" even more, much more).

Answered: What is the jewish year for 2014?

The count is (in Hebrew) Hey, Taf Shin Ayin Hey. That is (numerical values of each letter): 5000 + 400 + 300 + 70 + 5 All together 5,775 (second month now, named Heshvan).

Answered: What is -4 minus 23?

-4 - 23 = -27 Or going 23 steps (from -4) on the axis to the left ...... (-5, -6, -7 etc)

Answered: Beatles

The Beatles final live concert took place on 29 August 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.


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" thank you for your help with my How old am I problem. I especially appreciated that you showed how to coplete the problem and not just the answer. I cannot believe That I have forgotten basic algebra after taking advanced math in college and grad school. thanks for taking the time to help me1 Noah"
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"230*6*10^12 =1.38 * 10^15 1,380,000,000,000,000 nice one haa"
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