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Answered: Where can I find Jordan basketball shoes with ...

I'm not sure whether this is what you want It will be better if you can provide more info...

Answered: How to tell if he still loves his ex wife?

He was certainly an affectionate fellow,but maybe does not treasure the present one too much.Let him realize this .Try to change it step by step.Be tolerant,make your love and care around him,he'll ...

Answered: How to convert a .MOV movie to an AVI?

Answered: How many nike vapor packs were made

I have seen approx 70 types of the vapor. FYI.

Answered: Have you agreed to give to charity because you ...

Yes,but now I'm learning to refuse,and do not feel embarrassed about that anymore.Lord I'm doing all I can,that's how it goes.

Answered: How do u stop kids fighting?

punishment and reward,different kids,situation ,different patient ,no bias, never use violence.

Answered: Has the Internet made people Meaner?

No.Internet give people more opportunities to know others and to express themselves , to share , to see a wider world(both the good and bad side).It hasn't made people meaner.It is just the meaner ...

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