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I'm a lifetime bachelor who has too much time to think, and contemplate the world.  A stater of the obvious.LOTR catapult

brainwashed america

 goth emos

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Answered: Cold shower?

thank you very much. i like the parallel heater idea a lot. maybe i can save some money by getting two smaller water heaters instead of one larger volume model. i only really need one for showers ...

Asked: Cold shower?

my old water heater needs replaced. does anyone recommend a tankless water heater? also since i live in a mobile home, could i possibly get by with a "point of use" model?

Answered: Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week

drink diet beer. it helps you to pee off the excess water in your system. get a haircut. sit in a steam room if available.

Answered: LOVE

to say you love something is to say that you appreciate the beauty you see, whether it is sunsets, homes, animals, views, or food. you get the idea. to tell someone that you love them invokes certain ...

Answered: LCD with TV or TV-card?

when i purchased my computer i ordered it with the media package. it is simply awesome! i am able to watch the television and run applications on the same screen. i am sure you can find a card and ...

Answered: What are some uses for my old computers. I am ...

i think i would daisy chain them together to create a midi, or supercomputer. i would then lease out it's use to colleges, businesses and charities.

Asked: What's up with that?

During the holocaust, almost as many russians were killed in death camps as jews. Iran's president claims the holocaust didn't happen. Why are Russia and Iran allied?

Answered: I have a boyfriend who stay with another ...

run as fast as you can from this totally unworkable relationship. move away if you have to.

Answered: Babys

i am 48 years old and without children of my own. it was by choice, but now that i am older i feel like i've missed out. i sympathise with you and your boyfriend. I've attempted to fill the hole in ...

Answered: Will zack devlin ever like me ??????????

hello beka, i have the suspicion that the real question here is whether or not zack will "love" you. with such a limited question, my guess is that he either doesn't know you, already likes you, or ...



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