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I'm a lifetime bachelor who has too much time to think, and contemplate the world.  A stater of the obvious.LOTR catapult

brainwashed america

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Asked: Blow back booger

i think i may have something lodged in the back of my sinus. i've been experiencing headaches, and my eye feels weird. does that make sense? anyway, i'm looking for recommendations to clear sinus.

Answered: Gummibear

that's an awesome answer! thank you very much, jason. it's nice to know i wasn't imagining things!

Asked: Overclock it rocket

i cannot find the spot in the bios for settings to adjust cpu speed and voltages. i have a dell studio xps 435T. motherboard is ACPIx64 based computer sporting an i7-920. no information is ...

Asked: Gummibear

i'm a 52 year-old male and i just shoveled a heap of snow. before i went outside to do it, i popped a piece of chewing gum i my mouth, and for some reason the chore seemed easier and less stressful ...

Asked: New computer seems slow

my old computer was a dual-core, running mcaffe and vista. my new computer is a quad-core, running norton's and windows 7. the new computer runs on the internet waaay slower than the old one. could ...

Asked: Inbreeder software

My desktop computer runs the vista program. most peripheral devices i find are not compatable with the vista. if i were to retrograde my operating system to XP, would i lose information that i have ...

Answered: Do you think dreads (dreadlocks) are attractive ...

hello friend! for myself, it depends on the whole picture. if a person with dreads is wearing dirty, tattered clothes along with the dreadlocks it makes for an unsightly image. on the other hand ...

Asked: Porcelin promenade?

lately my spambox has been bombarded with ads that are concerned with the cleanliness of my colon. colon cleansers. i am curious. i am 49 and am concerned about my innards. how do these cleansers ...



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