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I'm a lifetime bachelor who has too much time to think, and contemplate the world.  A stater of the obvious.LOTR catapult

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Answered: If the debt ceiling isn't settled and people ...

our congressional representatives should all be paid minimum wage. taxpayers already give them more than enough tools and incentives to do their sloppy work.

Answered: Will the Human Race Survive

the prophecies have been written. many people give them extraordnary credence. their wishing may make it so.

Answered: What happens after we die?

too many people restict their own lives, hoping to receive a reward after death. that's just nuts. enjoy this life. it's the only life you can be sure of.

Answered: What is Stephen Colbert going to use a PAC for?

i'm sure he'll use it to accentuate the absurdity that is our election process.

Answered: How can we restore the eloquence and richness of ...

it's too late. they don't teach big words and proper usage in school any more. hooked on phonics ruined a generation. also moral standards at home have diminished almost entirely. too many ...

Answered: Should the Government Issue IDs to Internet Users?

something like that would only be feasable on a global scale. asking americans to give up their anonymity while allowing ghana to scam without subtefuge will not be tolerated. unless the govt starts ...

Answered: Is Bachmann rising and Palin falling?

maybe palin could run as bachman's vice prez. god save us.

Answered: Do you prefer Firefox or a different browser?

Firefox is my default. Opera is second. Seamonkey is third. :)



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