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Rabid about life, love and laughter
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I am a retired white male, I worked 37 years for the same company.

I married my best friend and after 40 years are happier now than ever.

I have four grandchildren and love being Pappy

I love hunting, fishing and camping along the Penns Creek. There is nothing like a campfire on a cool, quiet night.

I am a very good cook and I enjoy good food, especially a steak cooked over an open wood fire.

I know a lot about a few things and a little about a lot of things

In my 59 years I have made a lot of mistakes and suffered many things and from this comes knowledge and wisdom.

I have very strong opinions, especially when it comes to theology and family matters.

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Answered: When love and respect are gone

I hate to disagree with Asha but I believe love and respect can be regained in a relationship. I am living proof of that. It is not easy and not often successful but it is possible. Marriage is not a ...

Commented: About rabid's answer

Thanks tennisguy, I am somewhat of a moderate, I hope for the best and prepare for the worst. you do have to admit that the symbolism in the numbers is unusual at best. I don't have a 9/11 phobia but ...

Commented: About rabid's answer

I guess that would make him the Anti-Baptist.

Commented: About rabid's answer

You don't challenge you insult by asking stupid questions like the spoiled twelve year old that you appear to be.

Answered: Busy family meals

Soups and stews kept warm in a crock pot seem to help a lot and pulled pork and beef barbeque sandwiches

Asked: Would you kill an alien or bigfoot to prove they ...

Would you kill an alien or bigfoot to prove they existed?

Commented: About WikiHow Community's answer

If money is tight funds can come from coupon redemption and spare change. We saved for a Disney trip just by banking our change.

Asked: The words below are from a young physician ...

The words below are from a young physician by the name of Dr. Starner Jones. His short two-paragraph letter to the White House accurately puts the blame on a "Culture Crisis" instead of a "Health ...

Commented: About rabid's answer

I already have, I just hope it isn't too late. I am ready for plan "B" if necessary.

Asked: We are all slaves, slaves of our own making, owned ...

We are all slaves, slaves of our own making, owned by our posessions and lifestyle. Is this a true or false statement and why?


freedomlover says:
"rabid, you sound like someone who has the same ideas that I have. I am a Christian, but not self rightious. If I ever sound self rightious, put me in my place. Even though you seem to be fairly new here, I think you will fit right in with the rest of us."
Lido says:
"Thank you so much for your comment. It's always nice to be appreciated. I'm neither a philosopher nor a theologian though I study these subjects. I would be happy to discuss any spiritual issues with you anytime."
pilgrimwb says:
"I like the no-nonsense reasoning you use in your comments and, even more, your careful sentence syntax and clean typing. You seem to be a philosopher (or theologian?) in the making. Let's compare notes on some key spiritual issues sometime."
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"let me be the first to leave you a compliment God bless you and Your family and stay strong to your beliefs American Patriot"