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Asked: What will happen to Jay-Z after his admission?

Does this information about Jay-Z changes what you thought of him? What do you think will happen now?

Answered: Best Rally for Haiti Performance?

Everyone was amazing, and the cause that they were performing for, just made each performance that much better.

Answered: Best Golden Globe Moment

I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr's acceptance speech! He is so good at being funny!

Answered: Hayden turns red

This is not the best picture in order to try and tell. In this picture I would say that she doesn't make a very pretty redhead, but I would like to see another to make a better judgement.

Answered: Did Chris Brown beat up again?

I think this guy is just an idiot! I don't think that the thought even occured to him!

Answered: Lady Gaga was punked in her past!

OMG!!! That's so funny!! Yeah I think she handled it pretty well, despite the fact that she didn't get all the way through and win the money!

Answered: Did Conan get a good deal?

It sucks for him that he had to leave the network, but I think that $45 million dollars is a very nice deal! I wouldn't complain !

Answered: Adam Lambert wants to do TV

I just don't see a character like Adam on Gossip Girl. I think that True Blood would be the better show for him.

Answered: When i go to facebook and try to get to a friends ...

Have you tried opening facebook on a different internet browser. I use Mozilla Firefox.

Answered: Britney spears fantasy for women perfume

Fantasy is my favorite. I would definitely go with Fantasy.