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See the following page for a recipe plus tips to ensure your Yorkshires turn out perfectly. http://www.recipes4us.co.uk/Cooking/How%20to%20make%20Yorkshire%20Pudding%20Recipe.htm

Answered: The best way to cook snapper

Pan fried or grilled are excellent ways to cook snapper. You can find lots of recipes at http://www.recipes4us.co.uk/Fish/Red%20Snapper.htm

Answered: Recipe for carrot corriander soup


Answered: What beef cut does Stew Meat usually com from?

Stewing beef usually comes from the parts of the animal which are more tough due to working such as the neck (constantly leaning down to graze). There is a really good page on the various beef cuts ...

Answered: What is sirloin

Sirloin is a prime cut of beef. It's often sold boned and rolled and is suitable for roasting. You can also get steaks which comes from the same area of the beef such as "T"-bone, Porterhouse, sirloin ...

Answered: How to make really amazing meatballs without ...

Here's one for you. It's taken from www.recipes4us.co.uk which also has a huge dairy free recipe section Family Meatballs in Tomato Sauce 35mins Serves 4 Kids (and adults) will love this fun to ...

Answered: Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream is thicker than ordinary cream and contains contains more than 36% butterfat. In the UK we would call it double cream.

Answered: What herb can I use to replace tarragon

Tarragon has such a unique flavour, I can't really think of any other herb which is similar. If you have to replace it, then just use parsley or a mixture of parsley and thyme....though it won't be ...

Answered: Measurment conversion

It's 240ml/8fl.oz. however that's only volume. If you need to covert ingredients i.e. 1 cup of flour, there's a great resource on www.recipes4us.co.uk - cup to weght conversion chart. I has loads of ...

Answered: How long does it take to cook a chicken

To roast a whole chicken you should allow 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes at 180C, 250F, Gas Mark 4. If you are going to stuff your chicken, make sure you weight it after it's been stuffed ...


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