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Asked: How do I get rid of stretchmarks?

How do I get rid of stretchmarks? Any magic cures?

Answered: The Razzie goes to?

The razzie are just fun, i do not think anyone takes them that seriously.

Answered: Spice Girls on X Factor?

I do not understand why he is getting rid of Danni. I just read that he is now thinking about Charlotte Church or Lily Allen - this year was so good, he should just stick with Danni

Answered: Is Amy's necklace overkill?

I am not sure why so many of the stars went for red dresses this year - they look lost on the red carpet and she looks so pale in it - I know she is a red head but the red dress makes her eyes look ...

Answered: Are the Slumdog stars really a couple?

They always seem so naturally happy together and full of smiles. So many of the stars on the red carpert stand there posing for the camera but these guys are just happy to be there. I think they are ...

Answered: Will Mickey clean himself up?

I remember him from 9 1/2 weeks with Kim Bassinger and he was so sexy, he had so much going for him and then everything went wrong. It is true that Hollywood needs some rugged actors but it is the ...

Answered: Thanks for the input but I think these all ...

I like Extra - normally just the peppermint but I love the Fruit Sensations, Watermelon is the best.

Answered: Global Warming Now Caused By Too Many Children ...

I try to be Environmentally considerate but to say that families with more than 2 children is a burden on the envornment is ridiculous. A single man living alone who is not environmentally aware can ...

Answered: Most creative and original valentines date?

I would have to say it was a picnic in a park, he brought all the food he knew I love and we sat on the top of a hill all night - i was very romantic.

Answered: Most Romantic Date?

I once went on a blind date and the guy took me to the bar in Windows of the World in the Hilton on Park Lane in London. We were not suited but it was such a beautiful view and it really impressed me ...


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