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Answered: How can I tell if my

Thats a tricky question. I think you can say if he suddenly stopped talking about her he might as well be seeing her. I guess the best way to find out is to ask him.

Answered: When do you wear black or tan pantyhose

I am a guy and I see many girls wearing black pantyhose when its cold outside and they insist on wearing short jeans pants.

Answered: Where to buy

Are referring to these:

Answered: Where can I purchase this singer and her songs ...

Try mailing the guy on the bottom:

Answered: Iam a british a got a immigration probleme in ...

I suggest you turn to the embassy of the country you are a citizen in. I am not sure if it is British or Chinese. They will assist you.

Answered: How we can remove win32 virus file from mine ...

Here is a short explanation:

Answered: Downloading

Maybe your browser is not allowing downloads and is blocking the site. Do you see a yellow bar appearing on the top of your browser when you are trying to download?

Answered: Oscar Brown, Jr song - "The Snake"

I think the track appears on The Best Of Out Of The Cool Vol.1

Answered: I need help bad i'm just learning the computer ...

Do you want to cancel his account ? It is possible to do so by going to account settings and pressing deactivate account. You can also change the security settings of his account and make it available ...

Answered: Ship surch to america

Try this list of sites:



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