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Commented: About Paul Smith's answer

Your answer has nothing to do with my question

Answered: May I get a copy of my marriage certificate in any ...

See this web page for the answer to your question.

Answered: Lois Amsbaugh Chicago Illinois

There is a person by that name on this web page . You can also try:

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This web page lists the elected officials. You will find a partial answer to your question, depending on the information that is given about each person.

Answered: People Search

Have you tried ZabaSearch ?

Answered: Joanna P. Chisar, Maryland

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Answered: Where in belguim did the jungpeters come from

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Answered: Which Potato Chip is the Best?

We used to eat Charles Chips potato chips, but I think the company is no longer in business.

Answered: Where are you susan ford?

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"hi rodchter! for the advice on richard and .ectwill take your advice.thx patty"
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"Thank you for your reply on my question regarding finding ancestors...I know of several sites, i.e. but they are quite pricey"
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"Thanks again. I sent 1 but don't know if it went thru. Anyway thanks so much for your efforts to help. I will find him 1 day. Won't give up. Thanks again and hope u got the other notes."
Lynda says:
"Found it!! Thanks again but still no luck. Hope you got the other notes. Thank you for your effort. I just have to keep trying. "
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"Thanks again Rochester but same results with the lost people site. I guess I will just have to go to Shreveport, La. to find him. Just can't go now and I was trying to find a way to contact him. Do you know anyone in Shreveort?? Thanks again for your help it is always appreciated. Lynda"
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"Thanks for the info Rochester BUT I found nothing. All the information is outdated and #'s disconnected. Thanks for your effort. Lynda"
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