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Answered: My bf and i have been together a year and a half ...

Great advice xdiamondx. I agree with your position since these situations can continue on for a very long time without being resolved. You need to be strong and not let him take advantage of you.

Answered: How to Memorize the books of the Bible, a way to ...

Hi, I thought I would share with you guys a cool explanation I found on how to memorize the books in the old testament. Take a look at this link: ...

Answered: Depression

I appreciate your answer. I too have found that helping others can give you the inner strength to do the right thing. Many times it can be a challenge but it is still always incredible to see how ...

Answered: Curious

You gave very little information. Do you have some more information to give on this individual?

Answered: Decedent

It meant that you are directly related. for example your great great great grandfather. You are a descendant of your 5th great grandfather.

Answered: Is it normal for a guy to kiss a girl's bare ass?

I think as part of forplay it is quite legit. If it happens in public it's a different story.

Answered: Algebra answers

This is a wonderful resource site for algebra . Hope this helps you out.

Answered: A certain airplane has two independent

Both: .02 x .02= 0.0004 One of them: 0.98* 0.02= 0.196. this is the chance of one but not the other, but there are two cases like this and therefor: 0.196*2= 0.0392 Neither .98+ .98= 0.9604 To ...

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