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Answered: Where's Decorated Daddy ...

He must be getting that pig ready for tonight.

Answered: Lester, Decidermyassll whats going on?

Thanks Decidermyassll, thanks Lester, now wasn't that worth it? Didn't that perk up our afternoon? Whew I'm worn out and we still have the hog wacking tonight.

Answered: Rocmike give us a break. You are making us want to ...

Lester, relax, don't let them get to you. Come to the invite, I have something here in my pocket for you that will make your mouth water.

Answered: As Millions Go Hungry On Thanksgiving

We all ready give enough out to the zeros that don't work and never intend on working. Get it from the government, charities are going to be a thing of the past

Answered: When Obama campaigned this time did he visit all ...

Obama won our country won Teabaggers lost. Hahahahahahahahahahahha What a friggin dumbass

Answered: Another tasering incident? http://www ...

She's the same fool that thinks its ok for the occupiers in new york to shit on police cars.

Answered: You have to laugh till you cry

And you're the typical want everything for nothing liberal that has to make shit up as you go. Explain why under your Dem leadership women and blacks are at the highest unemployment percentage they ...

Answered: You have to laugh till you cry

Don't know petey, I'm not a Republican but will be voting straight Republican this time.

Answered: You have to laugh till you cry

Right now a half a million libs are talking to a empty chair next to them, scratching their heads saying, I don't get it. Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha

Answered: You have to laugh till you cry

Blog us petey, blog us all. LA, is that city still alive?

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