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I'll be shooting up 60 units of insulin all day.

Answered: Legal Documents

You won't know when and where to appear unless you are served no.

Answered: What major does dance education fall under?

It's the "Do you want fries with that" major.

Answered: Intenet explorer.

Nobody uses Internet Explorer anymore. Use firefox. No problems.

Answered: I have the CD for Tricord total body workout. I ...

There are three of them on ebay right now. DVD's I believe, not VHS.

Answered: Classification Number For Inmate

All you have to do is call them. It helps to have the person's date of birth, but it's not critical. This is public information, anyone can get it.

Answered: How can I find out if my Stimulus check has been ...

If you haven't gotten it by now, there is a problem. If you owe the IRS money from past years, or owe on a student loan you will not get a check.


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