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Answered: Why computer wont turn on to internet?

Do you have stable Internet connection? If so, check for cables and discuss with your service provider. Thanks

Answered: How do i optimize my internet site

Your content should be unique and relevant to the category you wanted to promote. You need to 1) Optimize Code 2) Optimize Content Regards Speedy Browsers.

Answered: What internet browser do you use?

Google Chrome is more stable, you may opt for FF Thanks Speedy Browsers

Answered: When opening the internet from internet explorer I ...

Make google as your default page, its simple Thanks Best Browser Optimizer

Answered: Slow computer

Speed up your computer by: > cleaning system junk > optimizing computer services > optimizing internet > repairing registry > defraging registry > clearing browsers junk do these things ...

Answered: Internet connection

1) Upgrade your service plan 2) Run Reginout Scan 3) Switch your ISP Thanks

Answered: Dsl is to slow

Run and discuss transfer rates with service provider. Meanwhile you can can run Reginout scan on your system to speed it up. thanks

Answered: Open a store on Internet

Please send your email to [info AT Sorcim Dot Com] for details. They can help you. Thanks


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