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Commented: About Carl's answer

Well let me warn you against google as it is 2000.00$ to start but anyone interested in being challenged by sfi marketing email me as i think i may be on to something

Commented: About Tony's answer

You know tony this would be the most wonderful blessing for a woman, but being already married may cause problems in that area and although he works hard, this week 7 days 12 hour days it doesn't seem ...

Commented: About Catherine's answer

yes you are correct but all will make account for their own actions whether karma or whatever, many of us have a fight within our own selves and i myself feel very self actualized so hopefully you ...

Commented: About Catherine's answer

I like you ashoofly, your thoughts are the same as mine unlike physicalist whom i cannot even understand his thoughts nor do i think he understands them either. I think we need to vote them all out ...

Commented: About Catherine's answer

well if we all operated as they do we would not be excused for it but who is going to hold their feet to the fire? Who is going to actually be brave enough to take these bureaucrats on? Look at Rudy ...

Commented: About Biker To Believe's answer

I only appologize for this president as he bows down, and to israel as we are supposed to be allies and i want to help these israeli people as much as i can but what can i do? The shaping of the ...

Commented: About LB's answer

only a physician with a god complex can figure out Gods mind but all i say is Alteration in Spirituality r/t many questions with no answers as evidenced by spiritual crisis, me thinks thou doth ...

Commented: About Catherine's answer

well are we not humorous today? I do not speak for anyone but myself. I cannot tell you His ideas no more than you can. Perplexing huh?Something you cannot solve? Sadly enough we cannot influence ...

Commented: About Catherine's answer

Physiologist, Possibly an outlet from an abusive childhood started my search, no indoctrination from parents noted. We all have our own path that we decide to travel and our differences are what ...

Commented: About DB Lady's answer

You just do not realize how gorgeous he is and what presence he has but that being said i would never leave my husband or do anything wrong as it would not only hurt him(this hard-working man) but ...



AShoofly says:
"Welcome to yedda Catherine. Thank you for being so nice to people."
Ol' Yeddar says:
"Memphis and GOD have very divergent views on Graceland. I work in home improvement. Thanx for your kind words. Google can give one the appearance of being a guru. Jay"