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Tall, fair-skinned girl that likes to read books of all kind.

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Answered: Need an original housewarming gift

A perfect housewarming gift is a test equipment that can test or check any faulty electrical devices or appliance.

Answered: Security Alarms & Dogs

I think you should stick to the regular security equipment setup. You wont get disturb during the night not unless there's a presence of intruder.

Answered: Anybody out there familiar with electric tankless ...

Tankless water heater is also called demand water heater. It only provides hot water as it is needed. It is different from traditional tank water heater that produces standby energy losses. Tankless ...

Answered: Voodo electricity problems

If it happens only at night, it might be the power supply interruptions. Maybe during at night the consumption of electricity is too high then the connection of master bedroom connected to the last ...


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