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Answered: Can i get in trouble if i bought a car thats was ...

yes you will get in trouble for sure.

Answered: "Clear cookies while exit the browser".

what browser do you use? if IE if firefox

Answered: Iv looked everywhere for adobe after effects CS4 ...

have you tried looking for cs3 after effects?

Answered: Why can't Tiger Woods win?

Distractions! I am sure he is under immense pressure after everything that has happened.

Answered: Should Lindsay Lohan be in jail?

Definitely. Jailing her will send a strong message that nobody is above the law.

Answered: Do you trust Barack Obama with America's future?

I think it's too early to judge the man. I believe he has good intentions and we just need to rally behind him. It's a tough job and we just have to keep the faith.

Answered: Barbara Bush for gay marriage. Are you?

I think it's cool that she has spoken up on her stand. It's all about equality and we all have to open-minded about these things. It's high time, I think.

Answered: Are democratic reforms possible in Egypt?

I won't claim to be an expert on what's happening in Egypt but I think as long as Mubarak is in power, real democratic reforms are not possible.


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