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Answered: Where can I get 1995 honda odyssey replacement ...

Hi you can check this link . Not really sure if you can find the lever here. You can check it out there. ~mike Hypertech

Answered: How to remove interior door handle 1999 honda crv ...

Found a topic about removing door handle. At some Honda related forums. ~mike MBRP

Answered: Where to locate camshaft sensor on 2009 hhr 2.2l

hi bob, as trying searching it on Google i found this one for you. hope this help you. ~mike Hypertech

Answered: Remove 99 honda interior door handle

As searching the net i found this . For your 99 honda interior door handle. ~mike Magnaflow

Answered: Is Any online stores Available for Purchasing Auto ...

Searching it on Google. You find lots of it. Will give you one here. ~mike Truck Bumper

Answered: How do you replace a fuel pump mounting gasket on ...

Hi, found a same question on other site with answers. Hope this help you on your fuel pump mounting gasket. ~mike Suspension Lift Kit

Answered: Ford f150 Engine vacum leak how to fix

As other said. Get some spray cleaner and clean the sensor. Forgot the name of the spray cleaner. ~mike Magnaflow

Answered: I'm looking for air bag suspension kit for my 1960 ...

Searching it on the internet. i found this link for you. hope it help you on your air bags suspension. ~mike Rancho Shocks

Answered: Deka batteries/ don't buy them they are not ...

Seen those before. Was planning to get one, good thing if found this, now i wont get that kind of batteries. thanks to you. ~mike MBRP

Answered: Bluebook Value of 1984 chevrolet suburban

Would say maybe around $800-$1,300. As long as the engine and transmission is still in good condition. ~mike Hypertech


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