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Answered: Satisfied with the Facebook mobile site or app?

i got a facebook on my blackberry, im not that satisfied using it on my phone, I'd rather opening my facebook on my desktop pc joelmike ; ChitrChatr Free Text Messaging Online

Answered: Mobile apps

hey i came across with this site all about free messaging app that do Voice, Video, Conference calls etc. ChitrChatr Free Text Messaging Online

Answered: Can i chat on my mobile

yes you can, there are lots of free mobile messaging app out there that you can put in your mobile phone

Answered: How to download free apps on apple ipad mini?

you can check the apps store, i think there is an icon there on where you can download free apps. free mobile mesagging app

Answered: How do i create a new screen name

new screen name where? do you mean screen name here in aolanswer?

Answered: What kind of shocks are the best to get for my ...

Follow up on my post, about best shocks for your 04 dodge ram. You can find other brands here Truck Shocks . ~mike

Answered: How to check a fuel pump on a 96 chevy blazer

never pump the gas when trying to start.Try a new set of plugs. ~mike Rancho Shock

Answered: Where can I purchase air filters for a Honda Jazz ...

Have you checked it on your local dealer or local shops near you? ~Mike Magnaflow

Answered: Remote starter for 2013 Lexus ES 350

looking for a remote starter, maybe here . ~mike Hypertech

Answered: How to change rear brake pads on honda civic ...

searching it on youtube and i found this ~mike Rancho Shock


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