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Answered: Could a person survive on Ensure or Boost and ...

You could but that life might not be as long as it would with real food. There would be constipation issues as well.

Answered: .massive problems following removal of ortho ...

Braces are notorious for destroying the bite at any age. Can I ask why they would do braces at your age?

Answered: Hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash?

It makes a great mouthwash diluted in half with water. The bad breath is likely a dental issue or gastro though. Green foods will help bath breath as well as probiotics and brushing your tongue.

Answered: E D over counter remedies...I have heard Fish ...

It might help a little but Hawthorne would help a lot more and is also good for heart and high blood pressure.

Answered: The doctor said i can't become addicted to ...

All drugs have long term side effects. You'd need to go off it slowly. Twenty minutes of sunshine daily (avoiding 10-2), Melatonin at night and several doses (according to instructions on the bottle ...

Answered: Does Cherry Supplement help arthritis?

It does and there are other supplements that help greatly including codliver oil, MSM, California Poppy. Ginger pills can be taken like pain meds for mild pain and they also work on upset stomach and ...

Answered: Black Currant

The oil is used in caplets similarly to Evening Primrose for autoimmune disorders, female issues and skin problems.


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