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I'm on the content and community team in Yedda and will be happy to help if I can.

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Answered: Would anyone kindly inform me why my questions ...

Hi Your questions were reinstated. Please let me know if you have any more issues.

Answered: Take action against ads

Hi Thanks for reporting. We're aware of the latest increase in ads and spammers recently, and have increased the time spent on moderation on one hand, and on trying to prevent spam in the first ...

Answered: The aol answer's term's of use

HI It seems you overlooked this section. The terms of Use did not change since 2009, several months before you signed up. Please let me know if you have any questions:

Answered: Too many ads allowed

We're aware if the increase of advertising lately. We try to prevent their posting beforehand, and make sure we remove ads that went through as soon as possible. Please report any inappropriate ...

Answered: Who is Abu Yedda?

I have never heard of this person, and I'm afraid Wikipedia is not always the most authoritative source of information. I doubt any of the founders have heard of him :-)

Answered: Why the frequent sign ins? and do I have to join ...

Thanks for reporting. We're looking in the matter.

Answered: I want to be a Newbie ...How do I get to be one?

Hi and welcome back :-) Newbie is exactly what we said it was: a way for people to post questions without signing in. I hope we'll be able to introduce even more ways to post anonymous questions on ...

Answered: Where's The T-Shirt? Was That Just Another Yedda ...

Hi to all the former Yeddais. The T-shirts will get there, we promise. You should be getting an email soon asking for your shipping address, and the T-shirt will soon follow. We're looking forward ...

Answered: YEDDIANS ... here is A "Newbie" who DID reply ...

It seems this person has decided to sign up with Yedda, hence his profile: which is not a "Newbie" profile. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Chevy is ...

Answered: Hey, it's great Yedda is expanding ! Is it OK to ...

We agree :-) Thanks for the feedback!


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♬♪Freddy Rose♪♬ says:
"hi there, neta. I just love your new icon picture, its too cute."
~Jada~ says:
"Happy Holidays, Neta! Here's to a great 2011!"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Neta, Happy holidays to you and your family. Thanks for always being on top of things. Yaniv should give you a big raise, and a big bonus for the New Year. Anna and Sparky "
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Neta... thanks for all you do for us. What would we do without you?! ~Jada~"
Shuddupandkissme says:
"Thank you, Neta..."
Smiley says:
"Thank you Neta. :) I wish you all the best!"
askman says:
"Thanks for being so prompt in addressing these issues neta, all yeddites appreciate your actions."
oldephart says:
"Thanks for your quick response of the matter, Neta.. On the whole, questions on yedda are intelligent and interesting, it's just from time to time abusive (no doubt by those who just want to stir up things as they pass from one forum to another) I do not hold yedda responsible for these moments and do concern myself with legitimate questions.. Thanks again for taking something out that had no business on this forum. "
Amital says:
"Dear Neta, You are so kind and very helpful. Now I can see my profile and answers! Thanks for your time and effort to resolve my issues. Thanks & Regards, Amital"
Amital says:
"Take a sec and thank Neta for helping"
M.D.C. says:
"Just wanted to say Thanks for your help on Yedda's first members, helpful. God Bless. "
IamQweenBee says:
"Merry christmas to you and your family and a prosperous new year"
wood-n-guy says:
"Hey Neta - Thanks for answering my question so very fast - this helps a lot - you rock gal !!!"
Nanadee says:
"Hi neta, i just wanted to tell you that i think you do a wonderful job at yeddaa..You have your hands full with all of us...God bless and thank you ....Nanadee"
lawbug says:
"To a very sweet young lady who is very helpful and always there watching you are like a big brouther watching."
Mr.Jqna says:
"I know that you do many things here at Yedda, but the one thing that I am most appreciative for is your unwavering battle against those who wish to spam the heck out of us. Keep up the good work."