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Answered: Exercising in pregnancy

ya it may be risky. you can do yoga...

Answered: I'm trying to loose weight at the moment so I ...

you can take supplement.

Answered: I felt a little knot inside the side of my ...

do sex regularly fir it.

Answered: Disorders in Sex

you can take supplement or something else for penis.

Answered: Are general practitioners a good substitute if you ...

you can take hoodia gordonii without consulting.

Answered: Plug in Vaporizer

yes you can purchase it online.

Answered: Beauty

constructive criticism ; since your asking for it.. hmmm, you have rabbit teeth, huge forehead, underweight, and bags under eyes.. Tip: Sleep more, drink more water, gain some weight. 3 on 10 ...

Answered: What is the most beautiful color?

which is like much to you that is most beautiful.

Answered: Can a pregnant women get a colonic?

you should consult a good doctor and then take.

Answered: What is Vaporizer

watch your answer here:

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