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Fate will not be denied. Destiny is what you make it. Never confuse the two.
About Lester Watson:

74, spry, clean living, and hopelessly Lutheran.

Graduated Columbia University with a Masters Degree Fine Art 1965.  I once ran  Free Spirit Gallery on sunny Balboa Island. 

I retired in 2011.  It is for the birds but I am too old to change my ways.  I just won't do it.

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Answered: What are some catholic sacafices?

The only thing the Catholics will ask you to sacrifice are harmful superfluities. However, to walk the way of Christ means that we give ourselves as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God ...

Answered: Who was loki the demon?

In the Norse metaphor, Loki, we see a fallen spirit. Always a rebel without a clue, Loki was banished from Valhalla not because he was fun to have around, but because everyone in Valhalla became ...

Commented: About Lester Watson's answer

Ahh, Jerome, perhaps you have run out of medication . . ..

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

13 out of 19 posts from the poster of a hundred names, all of them unconvincing, argued by authority, and extremely racist. Always the same less than interesting post, copied word for word from his ...

Commented: About Rocmike3's answer

BHB, I doubt that I will ever answer the loser ever again. he goes by over 100 screen names as numerous credible posters point out, but all have the same single issue and poor reasoning skills ...

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Dr. Kelly, I have seen how brave people live so dynamically. It takes courage to be a true leader. RM3 proved himself that brave a leader. There is a lot to recommend leaders. I hold followers ...

Commented: About's answer

Chaplain, we can all reach our golden years if we live clean and think right. Keep it simple, do it right, make it work. Good art is beautiful no matter how it ages. Salika, we are indeed in the ...

Answered: When it is all said and done . . ..

I guess I should tell something about myself now, since everyone else did. I don't know what it is worth but here it is anyway. I guess I was born a few hundred years later than I should have been ...

Commented: About Trampo's answer

Skitch, I deal in art the old fashioned way. I bring it to shows, the artists and I club together with their trucks, and we all go to the shows selling what we do as an optimistic little group that ...

Commented: About Lester Watson's answer

I hope something made me smarter over the years. It is one thing to be young and naive, then vote for a smooth talking politician who speaks with forked tongue. It is another to be an old geezer ...



Southern 7162 says:
"Lester, thank you for your kind words! Would that I were worthy of them. I find your artworks intriguing and upbeat. Thank you for sharing them with me!"