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Fate will not be denied. Destiny is what you make it. Never confuse the two.
About Lester Watson:

74, spry, clean living, and hopelessly Lutheran.

Graduated Columbia University with a Masters Degree Fine Art 1965.  I once ran  Free Spirit Gallery on sunny Balboa Island. 

I retired in 2011.  It is for the birds but I am too old to change my ways.  I just won't do it.

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Answered: Editing Novels

Unlike the foregoing videos, I sometimes write seriously. Chief Justice Burnable looked in the peephole to his courtroom in Edinburgh, then shuddered in disgust. "Will you look at that scum in there ...

Answered: Race, black, white, political correctness

Judge, no rational person ever suggested that leftist media was anything but a high-pressure intensely racist propaganda machine. The insane and prejudiced bias of the liberal media is an insult to ...

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Yvette, it is absolutely obvious that you are a victim of Obamite brainwashing. The bitterness and bias of your loaded question make it absolutely obvious that you are incapable of reason in any form ...

Answered: In an adult non-fiction book generally how long ...

I always try to keep each chapter one scene long. That might be 250 words, or 2,500 words. Cover the whole segment as your word count budget requires.



Southern 7162 says:
"Lester, thank you for your kind words! Would that I were worthy of them. I find your artworks intriguing and upbeat. Thank you for sharing them with me!"