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Be Peaceful, (and) "Carry a Big Stick."
About Herb:

I am an old timer who spent many years in Human Service, particularly Clinical Psychology.  I find I must speak out against hate wherever it comes from and I am not satisfied with the fact that through the millennia we have temporarily driven nastiness back into the wood work. I still hope for a better world for our species and our creature friends in what is called the "animal world" which I do not view as inferior to us. 

I believe in law but only law that is enforceable and fair. I am a Jew and like to describe myself as a "Jewish Diest" in the same ballpark of such folks as Thomas Paine in terms of my views toward organized religion and where it seems to take our species.

And finally, I am very deeply concerned about the reappearance in these rocky times of what by its own description is the intention of Islam to dominate the entiire world as it very nearly did so long ago and I worry about the insertion of Sharia law into Western civilization as it seems to be happening everywhere. I am not anti muslim or anti Islam even though I do question some of the verses that urge the killing of "infidels" and the like and I look to our American flag as the symbol of all that I believe in; the great  hope of our society that it stands for, and therefore I do not accept the idea that it can be an object of desecration in America any more than a memorial monument,  a place of worship should be.


Philosophy, Science, Religion, politics as an observer, The Human condition and the directions that we take in all of the above. Paranormal studies, and last but foremost in the sense of straightforward living, the so called "Animal world." There, I've said it all! 

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AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Herb. I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I really enjoy reading what you have to say on Yedda. You seem like a very interesting man with tons of interesting life-experience. "