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I have a self help site for audio and home theater enthusiast. Lots of DIY projects too.

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Asked: Book of Eli Movie

What are some thoughts on the movie Book of Eli? I loved the movie but I've heard some negative comments and couldn't figure out why. Who liked it, who didn't and why?

Answered: How to become popular yahoo answers

Try cutting off your ear... Oh wait that was someone else! Just be yourself and don't try so hard. It will take time or never happen at all. Who cares anyway? Popularity is overrated... Selby ...

Answered: Are there any good movies out right now?

It's not in the Theater anymore but "Book of Eli" was really good. Gotta love Denzel. He was especially good in this one. Different role for him too. Check it out!

Commented: About Gary's answer

Nirvana - Never mind. I love that one too. Good pick!

Answered: What is the best type of HDTV?

At the bottom of this page are some of the latest and greatest buys concerning HD's. There are also the new LED's here too which offer incredible performance. See the list for my picks... I think the ...

Answered: 40 inch ultra htdv problem with power cord

If you are handy you could take the back cover off and resolder the connections. If not take the set to a TV repair shop and have them fix it.

Answered: LCD refresh rates

They do. Here's a set that does. More info:

Answered: What is the difference between LED and IRLED

LED stands for Light EMitting Diode IRLED stands for Infrared Light Emitting Diode Were you looking for answers to LED HDTV's ????

Answered: How to hook up home theater system to tv set?

This is an extremely vague question but I will try to answer. You will need to send the audio out from the TV into the receiver. Do do this, use a digital outputs if you can (single -orange RCA ...

Answered: RCA to speaker wire connection

No, if you connect the speaker line outputs to your RCA inputs you are very likely to fry the preamp stage on the sub-woofer. You need a line level output from your receiver to the sub. selby ...


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