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Answered: Is 'Anonymous' the 'new'....'Newbie'...? ...

I don't have an AKA but the person with the pink hair does have an overwhelming resemblance to myself I do say! Good Job, very humerous...

Answered: What's the climax to the book marley & me

I have never read that book but I will attempt to help. Did you read the book? What turned the book around for you? A climax is defined as the turning point which is full of intensity. It prepares ...

Answered: What's the climax of a story?

It is the turning point...It is where something unexpected will occur and things start going down hill from there leading to the resolution or the denouement. Here is an example of Freytag's pyramid ...

Answered: What is a CONTROL FREAK?

you are a control freak!

Answered: Can you be saved and still swear and be out of ...

I think that is something to ask your heart. No one can tell you not to do something, that is your choice. If you feel these actions are out of control then ask for forgiveness and help and mean it ...

Answered: Is 'Anonymous' the 'new'....'Newbie'...? ...

With the "anonymous" feature though it could be anyone and you have to have an account to access it so it sounds much safer. According to Neta, "Newbie" was someone who didn't have an account but ...

Answered: Do you have savings in case of emergency?

My parents have a savings. I am not sure how much though is in there. Unfortunately, they are very bad about keeping up with it. We could probably still make payments on some stuff for a while though ...

Answered: Do you track your spending?

My parents pay by really anything (cash,check, credit) and they don't really stick by a budget often. My aunt however is totally different she uses credit all the time and her budget is down to the ...

Answered: Getting past abusive childhood. On my own at ...

Wow Stressed I have to admit that is very heart-wrenching and I think I understand you so much more now! I understand your hurt, anger, and frustration but when you say bitter words to those ...

Answered: Hello.

I think this place is to tough on an eleven year old period. Listen to the things which have been said already on this very page! I recommend some exploring to see if this is suitable to you for your ...

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Kenneth says:
"Thanks, as always, for bringing a little bit of positivity to the site Corrine. I hope 2011 brings you all the luck and happiness in the world. Happy holidays :)"
Southern 7162 says:
"Corrine, it is always good to see your posts! Love your compliment! Kudos for being the stand up lady that you are! We need to stand strong together!"
Lido says:
"Merry Christmas to you, Corrine. Thank you for the compliments. I'll try not to let it go to my head. Wishing you the best New Year ever, sweetie. :)"
Shuddupandkissme says:
"Corrine...I knew I loved you from the first post I read of yours. And IF I COULD have a second daughter...SHE WOULD BE YOU. You have so much to look forward much wisdom to much love to give. Please stay true to yourself throughout life and don't let the bullies get YOU either!!! I simply adore you, Babygirl. Your friend and cyber Mother...forever, Faye PS...I've already started saving for your graduation trip. ;o)"
ddavel544 says:
"Corrine, hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Best wishes ...Dave"
Kenneth says:
"Thanks a million Corrine :) Lately, I have really busy on my PhD and that seems to have taken up way too much of my time. You are so sweet! :) I wish you all the best Corrine. And I mean that most sincerely :)"
Nietzschean says:
"Lol thanks. I don't even know if she's a guy or girl but I do unfortunately know her from Yahoo. When did AOL get an Answer section anyway?"
Freddy Rose says:
"you are the best person on yedda,"
Shuddupandkissme says:
" are wise beyond your years. Thank you for acknowledging me and for seeing me for the true person I am. "