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What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?
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Answered: How to tell if your family disfunctable?

People, learn how to use the spell checker! You can tell that your family is dysfunctional if: The kids have Bart Simpson toys . . . ten years after the fad thankfully died. There is an atheist ...

Answered: How to dispel a curse from property?

The only people I know of who always curse and swear are atheists. I suppose they never learned to tell the truth, either.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

I thought only atheists could curse and swear. They all do anyway.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

It is amusing that atheists always buy the most simpleminded of racist propaganda. Tell me, are you actually stupid enough to believe the lies of drunken atheists? You must be the least educated ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

My minister wears a dark brown suit to meetings, but many denominations have white robes for Priests to say blessings. They wear business clothing when they write out checks to widows and orphans ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

More atheist lies from the KKK bigot who always wants us to side with Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright. Well, atheists really are deluded old bigots, aren't they? Is that why atheists spend 2 ...

Commented: About Rick Barnett's answer

Defrogpond, we all know how much you hate anyone who proved that you are a racist and a closet atheist. Now you jump up and down cursing the air blue just like Jeremiah Wright. Only one sort of ...

Commented: About Dr. Kelly's answer

More racism from defrogpond. Bitterness like that usually occurs only at Black Panthers meetings or the KKK. Well, they are both Democrat support groups so that settled the fact that only racists ...

Commented: About Rick Barnett's answer

Thank you for yet another racist post, defrogpong. Did you ever notice that uneducated fascists are unwelcome anywhere but Klan meetings and Democrat party rallies? What am I saying? They are ...

Commented: About Rick Barnett's answer

More atheist and racist vitrol from the anti-American sellout, dfrogpong. Is there no act of racist vigilante hate that you Ku Klux Klowns will not commit? Then you must post anonymously because you ...



Morgan says:
"Thank you for your compliment. I try to think outside the box, inside the box and around the entire box and sometimes I get myself boxed in. Welcome to Yedda. Lady Darko"
Morgan says:
"Thank you for your compliment my heart aches and hurts so much sometimes I believe it will burst. May God Bless us all and you continue your good words on Yedda it will take all of us. Lady Darko"