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a person should be as enthusiastic and dangerous as Legolas
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Let me tell you something I'm not the best girl you've ever met but, I truly care…some of the time (lol) I'm a free spirit I don't live by anyone's rules but my own. Sometimes that gets me in trouble but why can I say? I am not an open book. I keep most of my life and past and feelings locked up where no one can find them. I am a soon to be writer with a bubbling amount of arrogance. I am also a surfer who like I said plays by her own rules. ;)

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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

used to live in San luis obispo I surfed there everyday. I visit my hometown a lot so I go there alot

Commented: About n's answer

Lol thanks its kind of an inside joke with someone on aol answers

Answered: Does Your Husband Pick Up His Socks?

If I had a husband I would hope not I like it when the house is cluttered it's easier to find everything

Answered: Please Take a look I need sugestions

I agree with bones a logo would be good so people know you by that logo. Also I don't think you have to do this but maybe you should make the products different sizes so people have more of a choice ...

Asked: Top 10 best places to surf

to my fellow surfers... thinking of going on an adventure with some of my friends... we need the top ten best places to surf can you help us?

Answered: Help! Want him back! It sucks to be without him.

I thought you might ask that tell him if you love each other and you want to be together you should come with me and we can get away from all of this

Commented: About Lordoftheringsfanatic's answer

I think he is ignorant and blind to everything and one around him I think if you don't what to end this relationship yet that you should either help him or try to talk to him the best you can

Answered: Refresh problem

ya shut your computer down and turn it back on again

Answered: Help! Want him back! It sucks to be without him.

I think you should be with him anyway it doesn't matter what your religion is run away together

Answered: My bf and I have been living together for 6 ...

sometimes love just can't work out and this can not work out



n says:
"You are very welcome Lordoftheringsfanatic. However my words helped you, I am pleased to know you appreciated them. I hope you enjoy asking and answering questions on AOLanswers as much as I have."