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a person should be as enthusiastic and dangerous as Legolas
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Let me tell you something I'm not the best girl you've ever met but, I truly careā€¦some of the time (lol) I'm a free spirit I don't live by anyone's rules but my own. Sometimes that gets me in trouble but why can I say? I am not an open book. I keep most of my life and past and feelings locked up where no one can find them. I am a soon to be writer with a bubbling amount of arrogance. I am also a surfer who like I said plays by her own rules. ;)

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That seems really cool I think I'll go out and buy it thank you bonestructure

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And I would love to do some world building actually I want to create an entire universe like j.r.r. Tolkien did with lord of the rings

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Thank you bonestructure for your input but I think you misunderstood me.i don't want to use the city names people come up with I just want to get a good idea of what other people are thinking so I can ...



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"You are very welcome Lordoftheringsfanatic. However my words helped you, I am pleased to know you appreciated them. I hope you enjoy asking and answering questions on AOLanswers as much as I have."