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Asked: Wikipedia and your website reputation?

Wikipedia maybe one of the most visited and highest ranked website on the net. The best part is that it's a user generated content website. Do you think it is a good idea to contribute content to ...

Asked: JCPenney?

I read the news about JCPenney being penalized by Google all over the internet, but why was I still able to find the website (JCPenney[dot]com) on Google SERPs? Have I missed something here?

Asked: Backlinks and content?

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, what is more important between the content and the backlinks? I know both are important but which should we put more effort into?

Asked: Registering a domain name?

I have no experience of buying a registered domain name. Do you think registering a new domain name is always more cost efficient than purchasing a pre owned domain name?

Asked: Personal blogs or business blogs?

How to tell that a blog is a personal blog or a business blog? I notice that many bloggers monetize their blogs by displaying ads and/or writing paid reviews on their blogs, while the others share ...

Asked: Do follow?

I notice that most blog owners now set their blogs to no-follow. Where do you find well ranked blogs which are set to do-follow? It seems that the do-follow lists I found on the net are out of date.

Asked: Blogsplash?

It is the first time I heard of Blogspash. Have you ever tried this new blogging software? What do you think? How is Blogsplash compared to Blogger and Wordpress?

Asked: The footer area?

For those who have a blog, what do you put on the footer area? I have to admit that I haven't made good use of the area. I leave it a bit empty with just a link to my homepage and another link to the ...

Asked: Setting up a Wordpress blog?

Wordpress is one of the most popular and used blogging software, and I found that it's pretty easy to set up and use. Do you think it is worth it to hire someone to set up a Wordpress blog for you?

Answered: Will PC's disappear?

I don't think so. I agree with Dave that it's good for business computing, but it's not practical to use cloud computing systems for personal use. I prefer a PERSONAL COMPUTER for that.


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