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Greetings, Jennifer Richrads is my name and I live in Bradford Miami this is the where I learn everything. Im 27 years of age and working as a Sales Representative. Sales Representative is responsible for all sales activities in assigned accounts or regions. Manage quality and consistency of product and service delivery. I'm a sinlge mother I have a 1 cute daughter.

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Answered: How to get rid of squirrels in my basement?

Rat poison will work. Just be sure wherever you put out the poison, that no cats or dogs can get to it. Put the stuff out where the squirrels go. You can get it at hardware stores. And, keep putting ...

Answered: What do you do on Memorial Day weekend?

Stayed home, watch movies, spend time with my family..

Answered: Android or iPhone?

if u compare 2 phones in same price category android is faster alooooooooot of free apps better hardware "remember same price"

Answered: Can sex addiction be treated?

Yes can be treated, just see a doctor.

Answered: Should He Be Fired for Saying "Happy 9/11"?

"Happy 9/11" -- It's good to remember the event and everything, but I probably wouldn't say that its not good...

Answered: How Can You Help Your Kid Get Back to School?

Work with your child to set realistic goals at the beginning of the school year, and break those large goals into mini-goals. Write these goals down on index cards and keep them in a highly visible ...

Answered: How Will the Job Plan Effect Small BUsinesses?

The only thing good about that bill is it extends unemployment benefits. The temporary construction jobs were tried with the other 800 billion and only lined the pockets of the union masters. I hope ...

Answered: Is Martha Stewart an Artist?

Martha Stewart is an artist in different way, like her designs and great styles ,unique ideas is her shows....(expert on home decorating, elegant weddings, and cooking and gardening, with an emphasis ...



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"Thank you for finally removing your tagline link ad. I hope we can count on it staying off."
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"Thanks for the advice! The plumber was here..he said it was a "city dept" matter...and that mine was broken!"