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Answered: Sore puppy paws and tail--only 10 days old and ...

Um, the vet would know. Poor puppies, I certainly hope they've been taken to the vet by now.

Answered: Is the smell of dog urine in the house unhealthy?

Seriously? House train your dog, yes the smell and the urine in your house is unhealthy.

Answered: We adopted a Shih-Tzu male, 2 years old from a ...

Close the door so he can't go in the room and supervise him more.

Answered: Cannot retrieve our e-mails.

AOL mail is down. Good ole AOL hell.

Answered: Purchased home with small courtyard containing ...

My dogs have been peeing in my backyard for 20 years and there is no urine smell. I suspect it's really some kind of plumbing problem.

Answered: Removed

Wow, really? Sheesh, there's all kinds here.

Answered: Can feeding a dog dry cat food once in awhile be ...

No, it won't hurt your dog. It's old wives tales that the occasional snack of cat food will hurt your dog. I've often used catfood as training treats for my dogs.

Answered: Is there any shampoo you can get for dogs that ...

Feeding a good quality dogfood (which you can't buy in a grocery store) will greatly diminish that smell.

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