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Answered: I took over a property from my sister since ...

If you had filed the solo loan modification, then you are the one whose entitled. But if not, then let you and your sister talk about this.

Answered: I had a lien against someone and assigned it to a ...

Yes you can file as your lien that is assigned to your company has expired. You can go to the nearest IRS and file a new one thats with your name.

Answered: Property Tax

That was bad dude, yet, you're property tax will grow larger as it was not paid for 1st and 2nd installment.

Answered: What is enacted business tax?

A bill is enacted when the bill becomes a law, i.e. signed by the Governor and takes effect.

Answered: What is a dsl /pds tax?

Tax Bills and appraisal notices are scanned, automatically capturing data to be used in updating tax parcels, assessed values, exemptions and creating payment information files. This unique approach ...

Answered: Retirement taxes

As far as the NYC government is concerned, the age gap to be exempted at the taxable on federal is at 65. So you can file exemption at this tax.

Answered: Do you have to pay taxes on unclaimed property?

If the property is unclaimed, you can't stay there unless you are oblige to. Staying there is abiding the rule.

Answered: Filing taxes with stock earnings/losses

I do had a friend that also had the same situation on you. What he did is he filed tax with gaining stocks.

Answered: How to avoid taxes on lottery winnings?

You can't avoid taxes from lottery winnings. It is already deducted from the winning you will get.

Answered: Are expenses associated with foreign pro-bono ...

Yes, your account did the right thing. But the charity deductions such as the school supplies are part of it.


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