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Life is too short to waste it on poorly prepared food.
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Chef d'Hotel.  Graduate of Escoffier, 34 years Hotel d'Argent, London, Ontario.

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You may consider me something of a perfectionist, but so be it. Until I retired I went to the wholesale market in London Ontario to get the freshest and best of all the products for the restaurant ...

Answered: Sant,s hat hoilday drink

Santa's Hat: Magnum balloon glass with a heater (600 ml). 1 shot Cinnamon Schnapps. 1/2 shot rum (151). 1 shot VSOP Cognac. WARM sweet tea, sufficient to fill the balloon glass 1/3 as it sits ...

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Well, if we are trying to ferment a revolt . ...

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I agree with NJOY. I believe the Dr. has a clue about staying healthy. What you are doing will end your life way too early. That is why I worked so hard developing heart smart cooking. We can ...

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Anyone who can endure a grilled cheese sandwich is culinarily masochistic, tough enough to endure TV dinners, mentally ill or has lost all culinary perspective! At least add a few slices of bacon ...

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::reaching for an airline sickness bag:: Grilled cheese sandwiches?

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What makes you think that you are subhuman? I, for one, have prepared my share of the Scottish delicacy blood pudding. Pardon me that I demand that it be prepared in accordance with Canadian ...

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Here is the bag sealer I recommend. It will out last the staff in your kitchen sealing virtually anything. It is also ideal for food preservation as the bags use scant little space and can be boiled ...

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Canned seeds and herbs are about the only canned products I can abide: sealed in their tins properly, they have a shelf life akin to that of the pyramids. Other spices, sealed properly, will last ...

Answered: Only Comment if you Beleive in Vampires!!!

I remember one overpowering presence that gave me absolute dread every time it came near me. I suffered a terrible pain in the neck, and felt drained. It was three days before I was back to any ...



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