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JKGrandma is a resident of the United States. She has 3 children and 1 grandchild. Although JKGrandma is generally very private and prefers not to be pigeonholed, she has strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them!

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If it bothers you that you aren't one of my friends and that I don't welcome you to be part of my life, well, then that means you're probably my biggest fan. Or should I say, my stalker. You know who you are. Meanwhile, my friends and family know who I am, how I think and what I do. Since you're not either of those, then this is as close as you're getting, no matter how often you paw through my answers, search for me online or come to read through my profile.


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson


"The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects."  - Lord Jeffery





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"'There is no use trying,'" said Alice; "'one can't believe impossible things. I dare say you haven't had much practice,'" said the Queen. "'When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'"


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"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."

- Benjamin Franklin


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marcia king says:
"Thank you for helping me locate those stokeley tomatoes that I was unable to find. I did find them--of all places at MENARDS!!!! It was nice of you to take the time to help me. Marcia"
Kelly says:
"Thank you so very much for telling me about the "from" to delete the mail from the trash folder. It worked. Have a great day and weekend."
Paula says:
"Thank you for your answer- I wish you very well for the future. "
Wild Irish Rose says:
"You recently answered a question about adult children moving back home and having "sleepovers." I loved your answer - short, sweet and to the point!"
Peggy says:
"Thank you for your help! I greatly appreciate it!"
Pickles says:
"Thank you jlgrandma, I hope it's a rumor. I like our flag, it s beautiful"
n says:
"JK, you are a thoughtful friend. I love the way your answers on aolanswers are always intelligent and thoughtful. Wonderful insight. "
~Sebs~ says:
"I'm young and still have a lot to learn but I have my fair share of knowledge... All I can say is that I wish to be as insightful as you prove yourself to be on this website. Keep up the good work, it's well appreciated! "
Anonymous says:
"Thank you so much for your response to me. You gave me a lot to think about. I will definitely take your words of wisdom into consideration. And thank you for the link to the bonus families website! It's very helpful as well! I need all the support I can This whole situation is so new for me! Thanks again! :)"
pas says:
"Thankyou very much for your help. All I need now is a warm day. "
karen says:
"thank you i really appriciate your time and help god bless karen"
Corrine says:
"Jkgrandma whats wrong with you of late...YOU have been SO sweet to me. Its unusual lol well thanks for answering my questions! & Im so happy you came back because it wasn't the same without you.. :)"
BabsNC says:
"You are a very insightful and intelligent person. Yedda is lucky to have people like you who give such good advice and information to the people needing help. Keep up the good work!"
Hannah says:
"JK, it looks like we got off on the wrong foot. I looked at your profile a bit more, you seem vary smart. I guess I owe you $5, I hope we can become good friends."
♬♪Freddy Rose♪♬ says:
"$5 charge for whining? Vary smart, see you around. Oh, and by the way, you are the best, the smartest and the coolest person online!"
Ranger says:
"jkgrandma, Happy New Year! I see you haven't been active lately. Hope to see you around in the New Year. "
~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Jk. Hurry back...we miss you around here."
~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Jk!"
hemplover says:
"Hi Jk... I just wanted to say hello. You have always been one of my favorite yedda people :)"
♬♪Freddy Rose♪♬ says:
"welcome to my best friend list jkgrandma."
~Jada~ says:
"JK... thanks for making YEDDA a fun place to be. I had to stop by here to let you know that I enjoy your presence here very much and I absolutely LOVE your new tag line! See ya posting."
Qtpie says:
"Your witty and serious with your answers. That makes me tingly all over with goose skin. It takes a long time to grow friends. See you around aolanswer."
RayRay says:
"jkgrandma, Like the way you address things straight and forward with a little funny to it."
Sri says:
"Grandma, Thank you for your kind words. Exploring the possibilities to get transferred to my home town though the chances are very slim as there is no branch of this company in my home town so will have to explore other opportunities. However, next weekend will be long weekend session as there are 2 festivals lined up in the weekend in India so will get 4 days to spend time with family but I am afraid will I be able to come back firmly from there. Your kind words have been touching my heart and have been very consoling. Thank you very much for your kind words. Will try to cope up soon. Will try to write back to you again. Thank you."
jake.brown says:
"Great answer about the BBB. Keep up the great work here on yedda! =)"
Morgan says:
"Your incredible. Lady Darko E."
Paula says:
"Thanks a million for your answer of "Major Dad" as the TV show I was searching for. I love this glamorous picture on heer too. - Paula "
JenniferL says:
"Thumbs up for a great answer on Van Morrison. Thanks for bringing your knowledge to Yedda."
♬♪Freddy Rose♪♬ says:
"you r a cool women,u remind me of a frend of mine,her name is hannah,"
isibuber says:
"Thanks jkgrandma for your advice. It was very sound advice and I will take it to heart. "
~Breathe~ says:
"HI jkgrandma. I have really enjoyed reading through your answers. I hope you don't mind, but I made you a contact. Oh, and that is a beautiful picture! ~Breathe~"
iris says:
"I really appreciate all the advice you give, you've really helped me alot."
Asha says:
"jkgrandma! One lady I always love crossing paths with on Yedda! Your advise takes my mind places I love to go. I just want you to know that when I ever grow up I want to be just like you. :)"
Jen-Jen says:
"jkgrandma, I enjoy reading your post. I like your straight talk to people."
fern says:
"Corrine suggested you as a role model on Yedda. I've read a bunch of your answers, and can see that you've got great advice on many topics. I look forward to reading more! :-)"
censation says:
"Thank-you so much for responding, I've been struggling with this issue all my life. I have a wonderful partner 16yrs and I love him so but I love the lord more and he's coming back soon I just don't want him disappointed in me."
daya says:
"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE I needed an awakenening "
jd says:
"Thankyou for your comment. Manners has become over looked in todays society. I hope a revival of human decency is around the corner."
pam says:
"Thanks for the tip on the "dickies" I will check Burlington - yes second go round for me too!"
EJ says:
"I figured I may as well give you your 40th compliment! Don't change JK, you deserve every one of these."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"jkg, as always have a great ST. Patricks day. Hope all is good on your side of the Country.Happiness from the East Coast to you. Gypsey"
Michael Saganski says:
"Thanks, you had already given a great answer to a question I had."
Candee69 says:
"Thank you! The water bottle worked when Gracee was younger, but now she defies the squirts, even after several times! I use masking tape on 2 closets that are the folding type, but I have not tried your advice. Thanks again, Candee..."
chickywood says:
"Thanks jkdgrandma!!"
joseuko says:
"Thank you, maybe you are rigth. Sorry I am going to delate the question. "
dot says:
"I wanted to tell you thank you again, for answering my question. You were right on top of it, being the first one to answer, and it hasn't been a first. Thank you jkgrandma for not only answering but for all of the helpful information that answered my question. All of us here on Yedda would be completely lost, should ever leave. Don't ever go. Not only does Yedda need you, I need you the most. You are loved by all."
Skitch says:
"Soooo, like Hey!, Hag Foo Yung! :) Like lets ride dude . . . so there! Like . . . . you know, like you bring the broom built for 2, Kay?? :) Wow. Yeah. Sooooooo . . . . . yeah! :) Luv ya! Hag Drop Soup!"
prateek says:
"thanks to ans my qestn although it means i might b a gay but i love my wife a lot. i am happy with her in all other means except sexually. i can't cost all those qualities of my wife for sexual satisfaction. thanx once again"
Katherine says:
"hey girl I love your wonderful honest and quick answers bless you, youve helped so many people including me."
Dawg says:
"Who's turn is it? =oP"
kimberly says:
"jkgrandma responded to my question only 10 minutes after i asked it. i just found out today that i am pregnant and im terrified. and she made me feel that there are people out there. and by reading some of these other comments by people id have to say jkgrandma is rather popular on this site. =)"
LilMissPerfect says:
"Thank you so much you helped a ton!!!!!!"
-O- says:
"I respect you most of all."
MrWebster says:
"jkgrandma: In addition to all of your other admirable traits, you are obviously magnanimous. To learn that you and Gypsey have mended fences and that all outstanding issues of offended feelings have been adequately addressed, is truly remarkable. This is especially so considering her outrageously offensive and vicious insult to you for which she has yet to apologize publicly, even to this day. I can only conclude that you are a better person than am I. My hat's off to you. Regards and respect, MW (a REAL friend)"
charlie2911 says:
"NICE touch with the 'Cam battery Guy' ! I was a little concerned about being too sarcastic with some of these sales spiels, but you set a good benchmark. I tip my hat ."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"jkg, just a quick thank you for a great compliment, the best to you and yours. Gypsey"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"jkg, had a nice time messaging back and forth today, took them long enough to make it work, and is the best feature on Yedda, we talked and that was only between us. If you wish to share you may, but we have that nice option. Why some think that you and I have problems as we had been disguising is beyond both of us, we have put any of the past in the past long ago, and have gotten along for some time now, children we are not, we had been there when needed. Gypsey"
Donna says:
"Remember in May of '09 when we shared the mission of the teen who committed suicide. That was something to remember. Who would have thought we'de be on a mission like that on Yedda. Alot of people sharing knowledge on that post."
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Jk... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
IamQweenBee says:
"Merry christmas to you and your family and a prosperous new year"
Donna says:
"jkgram, You always go the extra mile to help. Like right now for showed me how to get a Christmas buddy icon. Thank you."
Juliet says:
"Thank you so much for your advice on am i being overprotected. The doctors said that he may feel this way for a moment and it was for me to snap him out of it. They also have him on meds that has his heart rate under the normal rate and i'm suppose to watch for any wrong signs. So for him to leave with someone that really doesn't care about his well being had me scared. Thank you so much for taking the time to shed a little light on this situation."
Janet says:
"Thank you JKGrandma for your advice about Google ads. i have sent a message to the staff."
rahma says:
"hai jkgrandma how are you,it's nice if you want make a friend with me,would you?"
Vardon says:
"Thank you for your response. My grandson is 17 and yes he feels that the money my daughter gets is his money"
maddi says:
"maddi says; thanks for the advice he use to show me, but that changed a month ago when he told me he hasn't been happy for the last three months. he said things weren't the same as when we first got together. in the last couple of weeks before he told me i knew there was something wrong so i asked him. he told me if things don't change then it would be over. to make things worse i have fibromyalgia which makes things different in this relationship. my doctor says i have severe fibro. if you know anything about this then you know it can be hard on a relationship. i have been fighting for disability for the last 2 yrs and my dr. hasn't finished my forms yet. so i think the financial part of this relationship is hard on him. i understand this but he also has to understand what i going through. i was married for 25 yrs prior to this relationship and he was only a user, calling me mom when i was his is not that way now. but a hug now and then doesn't hurt to let me know he cares. now that i have talked your ear off thanks again."
karina says:
"thanks for your advice. the way i asked him out and gave him my #, will seem stupid and desperate to you. i asked him in a letter and stuck it under his department door at work. i only see him sometimes, when i meet my friends in the cafeteria for lunch. i asked him if he wasn't in a relationship, if he'd like to go out. i gave that on monday. i didn't see him in the cafeteria on wednesday, when i went to meet my friends, so i think he might be on vacation maybe. i asked him if he wanted to have lunch in the cafeteria, one day when we have same lunch. gave him my # and a picture of me, off old temporary ID card i found. that way he'd have no doubt, who i was. does this seem desperate??"
hellokitty79 says:
"Thank You and God Bless You..."
DB Lady says:
"JKG, I love and admire the way you answer questions. I wish I could be like you. You are certainly an asset to Yedda."
AShoofly says:
""I admire your spunk and being foward with people. You are a people person. Stay that way.""
chemicalstarz says:
"Jk has a certain spice to her that makes her different. She can be very helpful she sure helped me."
Nanadee says:
"Jk, sorry it has took me so long to get to you.Your welcome about the birthday song it did my heart good to do it for you and i knew you had lots of friends out there to join in lol keep those good advice coming always your friend and god bless you espically thru your pain you are going thru now, i pray for you and u & your dad always nanadee"
MrWebster says:
"jkgrandma: I have not sent you a compliment before this for a couple of reasons. One is that everyone knows how I feel about you already (including you). The other is that I was unable to find adequate words. Now, however, I think that I've found a few. There is absolutely no doubt that YOU are the "class act" on Yedda. Regards, MW "
Blue58 says:
"Thank you for you're kindness and support. You were able to give helpful, friendly advice without showing any judgement. I really appreciate it. Thank you!"
kelly says:
"hi JKGrandma. i deeply appreciate your answer to my question. you seem to be very intelligent and helpful. i'd like you to know, that i have told my brother and mom (i don't have the heart to tell my dad yet, because he is so over protective and it would kill him to know his baby girl was molested by her cousin) and now, being the loving but oh so annoying mother my mom is, she's making me go see a therapist. counseling sessions haven't started yet, ohh but they will soon. lucky me. as for the "girls" issue, i still am unsuccessful and i get angrier at myself every day because of it. not only am i angry at myself for letting my cousin ruin a part of my life, but i'm angry at him for making me like this. it's not fair to me. but thank-you for the well thought out and intelligent answer. xoxo, kelly."
n says:
"You are a sweetheart JK. I'd be proud to call you my daughter. Your answers are intelligent and well thought-out as well as kind. I look forward to many more conversations with you. NJoy"
EJ says:
"JK Grandma is on of the most wisdom filled yeddites around, her answers, are kind logical, and most of all helpful, with a heart that knows no bounds. Love ya!"
Mr.Jqna says:
"Your answers come with a nice blend, but your wisdom is what I admire the most."
Sparky's Mom says:
"jkgrandma, You befriended me when I wasn't worth being anyone's friend. I love you for that. Thank you for being so understanding, and for being my friend. From Anna Sparky's Mom "