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I am a singer and actress, originally from Australia.

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Answered: Sexy bikini

I have a few bikinis.

Answered: After how many dates do you start taking about ...

With my last boyfriend we had sex on the second date. I married the guy.

Answered: How is sex for the first time?

Mine was about as good as a girl's first time can be.

Answered: Why separated people have sex?

I slept with an ex once. Although the experience left something to be desired, the sex was still very good.

Answered: How to know if you are ready to engage in sex with ...

When I did it the first time, I started to say no and it came out OK. A moment like that tells you you're ready now.

Answered: Are you virgin?

No, I'm married. But I lost it well before that.

Answered: Can I have sex with my bf before marriage?

I started sleeping with my hubby on our second date.

Answered: Husbands pre-marital relationship haunts me

He's all yours now. Benefit from what he learned. That's what my hubby and I did.

Answered: How to deal with new knowledge about the extent of ...

My hubby knows my number and I know his. We're fine with it. We figure that we're the beneficiaries of each other's past experience.


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