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I am a singer and actress, originally from Australia.

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Answered: Boyfriend says he loves me but....

Find a man who knows how to cherish a woman.

Answered: Premarital sex ... Futility of discouraging it?

I did it. Resisting the temptation is hard, and eventually I wasn't able to do it anymore.

Answered: My boyfriend wants to get my virginity,,we ...

I felt the way you did; I was raised that way. But I gave it up before marriage because my boyfriend was sweetly persistent. Eventually, I started to say no and it came out OK. At that point I knew ...

Answered: Would you pose nude or streak for a good cause ...

Well, I consider my man a good cause, but that's the only one. I did a set of shots for him because I tour a fair amount. He loved them!

Answered: I sent a naked picture of me to a guy....:(?

My hubby has a set of naked pictures of me, but I wouldn't send them to anyone else or post them on the internet.


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"Welcome to AOLa Rebecca.. Hope you'll have a fantastic time here."