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~ "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." Buddha ~ S.N.O.T.S., Inc. ~ ~
About Skitch:

I'm a 47 year old woman that lives in the Catskill mountains of New York State.  I have 1 cat that I consider my child.  I love music, comedy, serious discussions, sexual banter, puzzles of all kinds, helping others, helping myself, learning new things, teaching new things, Monty Python, Family Guy, Mel Brooks movies, virtually every show on USA, hot cocoa with melted peppermint candies and lots of marshmellows, nature, life, green things, water, rain, storms, thunder, power, and people.

I take friendships seriously and I hate to clean house.  I am looking forward to a new life in the not too distant future.

Oh, did I say I love LOVE?  Love is everything.  It powers the universe.  My purpose in life is to love as many people as I can and be loved by as many people as possible.


After over three years of using and enjoying this site, I am leaving today, October 12, 2011, for good.  This wonderful site, once called Yedda has turned into a nauseating collection of advertisements for sexual promiscuity and now posts ads for porn.  I can no longer, in good conscience, support this kind of filth where children are present.  I will miss the good times, but will be relieved not to have to consider myself a part of this mess that is AolAnswers.  Goodbye, Everyone.  It was sweet while it lasted.

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"thanks alot my daughter went to the hosiptal they done all the tests in cluding a cat scan thought it might be acute parilias my spelling not good lol"
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"Skitch. One of the things I can do is imitate a recipe. The draw back is accuracy. My oldest sister is the one who would bake them and like a lot of recipes especially those of the poor persuasion, no cookbooks were used, only memory. Thankyou very very much, I think you hit the nail on the head. Much appreciated!"
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"Ha ha. Thanks Skitch. There's a new one born everyday. That day happen to have my name on it. Lesson learned."
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"thanks skitch for info regarding Thank you for your infor regarding Benson being off of 95 and 40 benson"
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"Thankyou for making me feel welcome Skitch."
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"Thankyou Skitch for the snail observation. Sorry to say the little grubs never made it to these lips! I contemplated to long. All I could think about was my first grade fish tank in school."
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