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Asked: The Bars open... so come in, chill and ...

The Bars open... so come in, chill and relax..... ..........orders please

Asked: Is Jusin Bieber Dead?

News Clip Justin Bieber Dead Is Justin Bieber Dead?

Answered: I live with my boyfriend and have been with ...

Girlfriend - you've been given a lucky break - so take it with both arms and embrace it. You can do so much better than him, I promise. You'll eventually find someone worthy of your attentions who you ...

Answered: How to get aol to answer question about aol giving ...

No Idea sorry - just signed up and this site is confusing the hell out of me!

Answered: That's right, I am the Board Clown

Well it's better than being a bored clown!.... so now - so us your tricks.. LOL

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