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Answered: Mrs Njoy.Could you please explain something to me.

Atheists nailed Jesus Christ years ago, it's just a dumb story.

Answered: Do Doctors Tug-O-War With God?

I'm hoping they put that crap out of their minds when they are at work.

Answered: Sister Ambrogina of san carlo is She a saint

Mother was a big fan of poverty. Not so keen on poor people.

Answered: How do you leave supernatural events out of the ...

You suckers need an effective deity. One that can smite scientists so they can't find out what really happened.

Answered: How do I find a bible teaching Church of God in ...

The bible is man made. Nothing at all to do with any god.

Answered: Wizard dream

The fairy Jesus was good at conjuring, but only in a book, so he's as real as Harry Potter.

Answered: Where in the Michigan area can I purchase the ...

Is the fairy Jesus coming down from fairyland?

Answered: Just look up

So God didn't create us at all. It's a fictional account, you finally admit it.

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