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Answered: What one thing would you say to an atheist if you ...

What issue? There's nothing to discuss.

Answered: Adam's creation

Adam was a fictional character in a story.

Answered: Who or what was God's gift to women?

God's record on giving anything to anyone is hotly disputed by sensible folks.

Answered: Do you believe the Bible ??

Snakes can't talk, bats ain't birds and dead people don't come back to life. I rest my case.

Answered: Jesus did not die a cursed death on Cross.

Jesus schmesus. An overrated mythological conjuror only believed in by the non thinkers.

Answered: Why did Jesus have to die for our sins...

It's a ridiculous idea and a dumb story.

Answered: Are the many earthquakes,one of the signs of the ...

There is no increase in the number of earthquakes.

Answered: What kind of faith would exhort red blooded ...

God / Allah is man made bullcrap. Atheism is not believing in bullcrap.

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